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Tanner O.

U Washington 23’

When I was first working through the college application process, I struggled to achieve a score that I felt content with on the ACT/SATs. Take helped me set a realistic goal and create a plan to achieve it. His explanations were thorough and easy to follow, ensuring that I was able to retain all the information that I needed to succeed. We worked through all of the subjects that I struggled with and help me avoid various pitfalls of standardized testing which I hadn’t even considered before his lessons. Without Take’s help, I wouldn’t be nearly as confident in my mathematics skills and reasoning as I am now and I certainly wouldn’t have reached my ideal score. Anyone lacking confidence or proficiency in math or science can benefit greatly by working with Take.



Take has been a great help to our son as he prepared for the ACT. Our son earned a perfect 36 in the Science section and earned an extremely high score in the Math section. I attribute much of this to Take's expertise and techniques. We started a bit late on the English and Reading aspects of the test ,but with Jessie's help our son still scored high in these sections as well. Take has also been extremely valuable for our son's AP Calculus class in general. As with the ACT prep, Take doesn't simply give our son the answers...he makes him think. Take asks leading questions and does not move on until our son has thought about it, answered correctly, and knows why it is the correct answer. So, instead of memorizing, our son truly learns.

Jason B.

Father of Westview Student




UCLA '21

Take is great at taking the time to figure out exactly where I'm struggling with a concept and helping me understand how it works.

"I had Daniel for 2 years in my AP physics and calculus classes. He was intelligent and just a good guy, despite his many struggles with his learning disabilities. On graduation day he looked at me and said, 'I don't know what to say...' I felt exactly the same way. I will never forget him. 




UC Berkeley '20 

Take is truly amazing at what he does. As a former student of his, I had never experienced learning math the way I did with Take. His enthusiasm is contagious, and it made me excited to learn. Take is so engaging and always seemed to know what I needed to grow, and the right method to guide my own learning. I could tell Take really cared not only about my own success in mathematics, but also my development as a young adult and future endeavors. I was touched when he took the time to attend and congratulate me at my high school graduation months after my tutoring with Take had ended. Any student would be lucky to have Take as a teacher.




Harvard '20

The summer going into my junior year of high school, I received tutoring from Take to help with the SATs. I can say without a doubt that without Take's help, I would not have raised my score as much as I did. Needless to say, Take is an amazing teacher. He has a keen awareness of his students that makes his teaching all the more effective. He always did a great job of encouraging us when concepts were difficult and pushing us to achieve more. Take was also a very personable teacher, making the learning environment much more comfortable. His dedication to his students clearly showed through his teaching. He makes learning enjoyable and makes you work for it.




Mother of Kelan age 11

We live in London and during the summer of 2017, I was looking for a tutor in San Diego to assist my son prepare for his high school Geometry examination. Take was a tremendous find - he worked with us to assess my son’s strengths and gaps and quickly focused his tutoring in a way that maximized the short time he had and got straight to the essence. My son was inspired by Take, thoroughly enjoyed his sessions with him and successfully passed his examination.